Stories of God, Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke’s god is different from what we are used to. The roots of this god are deeply rooted in the souls of children, to whom fairy tales are addressed. But the narrator does not tell them directly to the children. He delivers them to the adults, so that they can transfer them to those directly interested.

Every fairy tale has inside God as love, as balance, as memory, as union, as a different moment that separates us from the everyday. His tales are what we do not expect. They draw themes from the modern era. They are heard by all kinds of adults: people in power and on the margins, women and men of all ages. They are responsible for the fairy tales. Listen to them carefully. They save them.

Is God good and how much? For whom is he good? Children are constantly asking questions and waiting for honest answers. Let us have in mind, lest we meet the narrator on our way, to deliver his tales to us.

Anastasia Karavasileiou

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