About Us

My name is Anastasia Karavasiliou,

I am an archaeologist-philologist. I have worked as an archaeologist (in Kozani and Delphi), as a museum educator (Tellogleio Foundation for the Arts) and as a philologist (tutoring and private lessons since 2000). I have also taught creative writing and implemented individual programs for children as part of the summer campaign of public libraries in the libraries of Saranda Ekklisies and Kalamaria (regions of Thessaloniki). I also worked as an adult educator, teaching Local History, within the lifelong learning programs of INEVIDIM in collaboration with the Municipality of Thermi Thessaloniki (in Vasilika Thermi), as well as in the area “Kipos (Garden)”, implementing the program “Thessaloniki of the interwar period”.

I attended seminars on education, cinema and creative writing and participated in the first year of creation of the Eptapyrgio Local History Group. My great love for literature, study and writing has resulted in the collection of material with different themes, style and destination. My research works are available here:


and here:


All this material gathered from previous years and many more ideas that are to be realized, if things are favored by Luck, will be uploaded on this page, the creation of which was a wish of recent years.

Articles will be uploaded by me initially, but also by other creative people, who frame the universe of Cosmologies. Our worlds interact with other worlds and give birth to new ones. The same goes for our reasons for the world, of course. It starts, then, as a solitary endeavor, but it also seeks future collaborations.

Also, it already hosts an online Reading Club, where anyone can participate, as long as they want to add their own comments from the readings presented in the Reading Club section (part of the Literature category). In the future, it would be more than desirable if we could also make online meetings through communication platforms, which will be recorded and uploaded to the website. It remains to create the original core of readers. I think, however, that this core is already here.

I wish you a good tour of the universe of Cosmologies.



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